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Thread: Looking for Destiny Fireteam

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    Smile Looking for Destiny Fireteam

    Seeing that Xbox360 is not around anymore, and most of my friends have upgraded to Xbox one, I've been left alone.

    I'm looking to form a fireteam, I'm tired of trying to join people that leaves mid strike, so I'm looking for a solid friends list to form a fireteam.

    The rules are simple, just add your information below (follow the format that I will use), and I'll keep updating the first post with everyone's Gamertag.

    Make sure to have your timezone and prefered playtime (for me its usually when I get off work, so I play from like around 5pm-8pm (arizona time)

    It's not required to have a mic, but highly recommended.

    !!!THIS IS FOR XBOX360 ONLY!!!!

    List of gamertags:

    GT: ariiieell
    Class: Hunter
    Level: 22
    Prefered playtime: 5-8pm (MST)

    I'll be accepting everyone, just make sure to message me "x360" so I know where you guys are coming from

    Let's have fun!

    "when i die, i want to be buried face down, so everyone who doesnt likes me can kiss my a$$"

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    Default Re: Looking for Destiny Fireteam

    GT: slithermgs
    Class: hunter
    LVL: 21
    Preferred playtime 5-8 Eastern time (kentucky)

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