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    Default last updating

    hi for everybody

    Since I did The last update I can not play games,I have hacking LT2.

    is strange that older games work So the breakthrough also works.

    Are there solutions to restore the status quo,It all started in the game watch

    dogs when I installed disc 1 and the box asked for update . so i connected it

    to the internet And let him update the device.

    I must say that i played in all the last games with a pach from xbox creator

    backup .

    thanks for helpers

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    Default Re: last updating

    Talk about lost in translation, sorry man but I haven't the slightest clue to what your talking about. You might want to update to LT 3.0 but you are in the wrong posting section.
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    To what I understand you cant play the new games that are out. Like stated above update to LT 3.0 and you can try updating by downloading it from online and using a usb stick

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