All item listings can be seen by me. I will remove any listings that are deemed suspicious in any way what so ever.

Rules for buyers are set by the servicemen themselves. I cannot control what servicemen charge for there service/s nor can I control how much postage servicemen charge.

All prices are negotiated between the serviceman and member looking for the service before the serviceman carries out the work. This prevents any issues like "the return shipping price is too high I don't want to pay that".

Servicemen must be reasonable with the services they are offering.

Servicemen must send tracking with the item/s they sell so each party has record.

Members running a service thread have the right to refuse anyone they don't wish to do business with.

No outside links to personal websites for sales.

Servicemen can charge no more than 200/$335/243 per item.

All transactions must be completed via Panjo Marketplace (they use PayPal).

Anyone who wish's to be approved must:
1. Be an active member
2. Show item images

Panjo Marketplace (PayPal)

I can check if your PayPal account is verified at all times. If I find out that you somehow lied about this you will be infracted and your thread will be removed.

If members believe a member isn't genuine for any reason. Please PM me and I'll check Panjo Marketplace and PayPal to see if that individual is genuine.
Please read the rules before creating a thread