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Thread: original rocksmith dlc on rocksmith 2014

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    Default original rocksmith dlc on rocksmith 2014

    i tried to put the title update in the 000B0000 folder like it says here , and i got all the original rocksmith songs but not the dlc. i am new to this rgh thing and have no idea what to do. can anyone help?

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    Default Re: original rocksmith dlc on rocksmith 2014

    It's pretty straightforward...If you followed the instructions in that thread, exactly, it should be working. There are many members following that thread and no one else has had any issues with what you are describing. You've not done something correctly, try again.

    Rocksmith Disc Import Pack enables the original RS disc content to be imported into RS2014, and gets installed in the \555308C0\00000002\ folder.
    TU1 (and now TU2) enables original RS DLC to be played in RS2014, and gets installed in the \555308C0\000B0000 folder...make sure the TU is active, in F3.
    Also, the original Rocksmith DLC should remain in the folder for the original Rocksmith (55530873\00000002), not RS2014.

    In the future, I would recommend using 360 Content Manager for installing all your dlc/tus, as it automatically places everything in the correct location for you. ;)

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