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Thread: Regarding reported spam (read)!

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    Default Re: Regarding reported spam (read)!

    Quote Originally Posted by MrXT View Post
    I told him to go **** him self, doubt he reads pm's tho. Stupid prick.
    fairblack maintains our servers, so he is barely on the forum to begin with. So yeah he won't read your PM lol

    All I was told regarding this was that it was a sponsored advertisement. Anything beyond that is anybodies guess, the owners (Bojeunx and fairblack) are very hush hush. I'm one of the lead administrators for staff on this site and they barely have spoken with me if that's any indication. I do not know why it's become the way it has though with all this aggressive advertising the past few weeks (well I think we all know why), but unfortunately there isn't much even I can do about it. Even staff have things blocked as is because this site is a mess riddled with these adverts. Most of the other ISO sites are dead though, so it's no wonder they are putting more "effort" into this one as of late, it's one of the biggest ones.

    All I can say is I apologize for my colleagues, despite me not having done anything wrong lol

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    Default Re: Regarding reported spam (read)!

    This isn't a joke or prank.
    It's pure scam, luring someone into donating!
    They're lucky I didn't fall for it.

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    Default Re: Regarding reported spam (read)!

    I was about to make a thread about this pm but first i looked around i didnt want the bad xiso nazi to be on me like a pack of hounds. Good to know it wasnt just me...i also looked him up and was surprised. If anything at all i know now. This should be an announcement if any the one that pops up on top of every thread.

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