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Thread: (JTAG/RGH XBOX1) ChesStreet Fighter 2 (NEW RELEASE) (NEEDS TESTING)

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    Default (JTAG/RGH XBOX1) ChesStreet Fighter 2 (NEW RELEASE) (NEEDS TESTING)

    ChesStreet Fighter 2
    by hcf

    In Chesstreet Fighter, you can select a character, and after that you must defeat all the oponents in Chesstreet Fighter matches. What is a match?

    Well, in a match you will play two chess games versus your oponent (one with white pieces, and the other with black pieces). After this two rounds, if you have managed to score more than 1 point (for example if you win both two games, or if you win one and tie the other) you have won the match and you have defeated your oponent. At this point, the progress is automatically saved.

    Obviously, if you score less than one point (for example if you loose both two games, or if you loose one and tie the other) you have lost the match, and the game is over. Don't worry, the characters that you managed to defeat, will allways appear as defeated in the future (so you don't need to win all the oponentes in a row).

    Finally, if you play Round 1 and Round 2 and the score is a draw (for example if you win one game and loose the other, or if you tie both two games), you have the chance to play a "Final Round". In the final round, you choose if you want to play with white or black pieces, but be carefull, because if you pick white, you need to win the Final Round. On the other hand, if you choose black, a draw in the Final Round is enough to win the match.
    1 link download and mirrorlinks.

    to download from my putlocker links,when you copy and paste the link into your browser,change the word putlocker in the link to firedrive.

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    Default Re: (JTAG/RGH XBOX1) ChesStreet Fighter 2 (NEW RELEASE) (NEEDS TESTING)

    i would appreciate some screenshots but the description sounds good so far
    Can you play with 2 players offline?

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