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Thread: WRT and NG - Bodybuilding introduction for beginners

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    Default Re: WRT and NG - Bodybuilding introduction for beginners

    Quote Originally Posted by fabreegas View Post
    What are your guys opinion on this:

    5kg bag of chicken breast (20-25) for 25. Each breast has 44g protein, that seems like a real good price. Has anyone ever ordered from musclefood before?

    Also for some reason yesterday I was doing bench dips and my legs started shaking uncontrollably, no pain or anything just shaking, anyone know why?
    I get all my meat from there, couldn't recommend them enough.

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    Default Re: WRT and NG - Bodybuilding introduction for beginners

    Not from the Uk so i just get mine from the butcher.
    Also the shaking or twitching of muscle fibers is from the nervous system, it can happen for more then 1 reason. For example have ever been so anxious that your eyelid starts twitching? Or have you sit your self with your legs cross in a position that made your leg shake uncontrollably ?

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