You may not request that DLC be uploaded until a minimum of 12 hours after official release.
Users that request DLC before the minimum request time will be issued a verbal warning and have their thread removed.
Repeat offenders are open to infractions.

What constitutes as an official release?

Dlc is usually released between 10 AM - 2 PM GMT. That means you may not make a request for content until approx 10 PM GMT.

Why is this a rule?

The DLC or TU will be uploaded once an appropriate uploader gets their hands on the content. It is usually very quick and rarely needs to be requested at all. So to avoid the section being spammed with requests that will with no doubt be uploaded within hours of the release of the content, we decided it would be best to enforce this time limit.

As a general rule of thumb for this website, always remember it will be up when it is up. Do not ask for times that it will be available, we can not provide that information.