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Thread: WRC 3 Mini Review

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    Thumbs up WRC 3 Mini Review

    Colin Mcrae fans from the PS2 and XBOX era read on.........


    I jumped straight into the snow event,cos i love racing in the snow.Particles are at a bare minimum,obviously because the devs didnt have enough money to develop or even hire a better engine.
    However theres some decent ice effects and the gfx look very acceptable.I was dissapointed not to see 60fps but thats probably me just being greedy seeing as ive got a nice PC. Overall,its no DIRT 3,but a solid 30fps doesnt let it down.


    If you like Colin Mcrae Rally from PS2 and XBOX you will like this game.This is point to point racing,no frills,and its as tough as hell.It will take you several attempts to even get into the top 10,i kid you not.The car slides all over the place,and real rally cars do that,but this game is like a middle ground between Dirt and ridge racer,its takes a few races to get used to,but when you master it its rewarding.You will smash into countless walls and barriers,but you know its your own fault,a mark of a good game.


    This is not a game that you load up and its all glitz and glamour,you have a woman that talks you through what your doing,and she explains it clearly......if you can be bothered to listen.....
    Menus are laid out clearly and said woman explains what everything is.......BUT.....

    When you finish a stage you are presented with the option of fixing your car,this will seem puzzling especially to veterans of colin mcrae.You will literally look at the screen for a minute and say EH?
    After a while you will realize you can just auto fix your car which takes the thinking part out of the game/car.


    This is where this game falls short.The sound effects are terrible.
    When you handbrake round any corner,it literally sounds like your playing mario kart on a SNES. Absolutely shocking.
    Initially you like the Dubstep tunes,but when they've repeated for the 10th time,your like,'damn ima run some tunes off my HDD'.
    Engine sounds are very good though,no complaints there.


    Decent GFX,decent SFX,but very good gameplay merits this game a solid 7.Fans of point-to-point rally should look no further.
    7/10 tough as nails,but worth the effort.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dante361 View Post
    I'm just gonna download it because it's free.

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    Default Re: WRC 3 Mini Review

    Meh I`d rather play Wrc 2 extreme hd edition (if it exists...) cause that was perfect Wrc game. Thanks for the review though - I will check it.

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    Default Re: WRC 3 Mini Review

    I like this game. Big improvement over the first 2! It's tough at first but gets easier the more you play (like most games!)

    I'd give it an 8 out of 10

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