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Thread: What to do if Scammed

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    Default What to do if Scammed

    We can then ensure that the thread is trashed to prevent more fraud.

    Originally Written By Strey101
    Then posted by Insomnica

    I have been trolled before so this is my steps I took.
    report him / her to IC3

    second call her towns police department and file a report.
    provide them with all the information you have and fax copies of the Tracking Information to the officer taking the report.
    give them her adress, phones and ip if u can get it from a mod here. (use google or to get her police dept #)

    also file a report with the postmaster general (what she did is considered mail fraud and that a federal offense)
    postalinstpectors at USPIS

    also contact the troll hunters here

    Troll Hunters

    they have helped me also.

    I got my stuff back, the gentlemen was prosecuted for fraud not only me but several other online members on another forum.

    Good luck and it time to get the this **** going. the longer you wait the more less likely you will not get your stuff back.

    and on a added note google is your bestfriend get there ip and do a whois search (google it) and then contact there isp with the problem they might help.
    If it happens to you here contact Insomnica he will help you sort things out

    Taken From Trollhunters
    Common Sense

    Don't be taken in by that "great price" and good communication from someone you would normally not send first to or cross ship with. That's how some trolls entice others into sending first and taking them for their money or items. Use your judgement and common sense. It's funny isn't it in a way. After you send first then that great communication stops immediately. Don't let this happen to you.

    With all due respect to newbies or those with few evals DON'T SEND FIRST to a newbie. Let me repeat myself, DO NOT SEND FIRST to a newbie. Yes they have this just GREAT deal so you let your guard down in hopes to get that great deal. Some may be legit but as we know some are not. Many are those offering a great deal and convince others to send first. Then tadaaaaa, that newbie conveniently disappears. How many times has that happened? Be smart people. Not all do this of course but is it really worth taking a chance.

    You know that old saying which I know you've all heard many many times: "If it sounds too good to be true..." You know the rest.

    To newbies, just deal with established traders at first. Till you earn your own evals and the respect that comes with cross shipping. Ask around on any you are not familiar with and are considering to send first, to get an idea about their practices.

    New scam, fake paypal. Always confirm with your paypal account that payment has actually been received. Now some are sending out fake "paypal sent" emails.

    Trading advice

    We all want to see the good in people and trust others but unfortunately because of the way people can scam others so easliy on the net it's time many of us started to be more careful and practice safer trading. With all due respect to the ones who have been ripped off here's a couple of vital things which we all should do.


    When anyone you are not familar with gives you their Heatware evals PLEASE check them out and be sure the evals are for the actual one you are trading with. Email some on their list and ask them just to confirm they are who they say they are. Ebay evals are almost worthless to us. We don't know traders there but we do know the ones on Heatware so you know if they are telling you the truth or not.


    We STRONGLY suggest to only trade with those registered on Heatware. But please do as mentioned above and be sure any evals they have are legit.

    Several like tommy4437, firehawk2 and bigtrader2k1 have successfully passed off others good evals as their own. Check em out and BE SURE they are who they say they are.


    When sending money via paypal ALWAYS get the other persons REAL info. Their real name, address and phone number. You should also confirm that info to be on the safe side by calling them. Many have been taken because they failed to even get a name.


    When sending something to someone you don't know well always get tracking info and insurance to protect yourself. There are those who will say they didn't get something when in fact they really did. Protect yourself, insurance is to protect the sender from situations like that.

    And please check out Trading Advice & Tips that was put together by many original net traders.

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    Default Re: What to do if Scammed


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