This is how you get a sticky. Not in any order but this is what we look for.

1. Content
Content must be on topic, and original. We do not discriminate on layout, we leave that solely up to the uploader. Pictures, descriptions etc are your decision, however we do prefer well-organized and better looking threads.

2. Duration
If you have just made a thread a week ago, please do not ask for a Sticky, as your chances are slim. Let your thread build up the replies, views and age then ask one of the staff if it's worth it.

>Best to think of asking for a sticky as your thread's one shot. If you keep asking, the less likely we're going to agree.
>Please do not message more than one staff member at a time requesting a sticky. Messaging 5 staff members at a time hoping one of them will just do it is not the way to go. We discuss threads when it comes to a sticky, so we will know if you tried this.
>Staff goes through every section from time to time and we review all sticky threads and normal threads. Basically asking for it is not needed because there is a 99% chance we already reviewed your thread.
>To have a sticky we want the creator active to take care of it and update their thread regularly. As long as you keep it updated and when help is needed you show up in ur thread it will be fine.
>We can make a thread a sticky or remove it at anytime for any reason we want.
>Staff has a final word on it. You might meet all the requirements needed but if staff member feel like it's not sticky worthy you wont get it.

XBOX360ISO Staff