I've said this before and I'll say it again, stop worrying about when the end is exactly. This, regardless of being true or not, is a great way to get your fear levels up. If you fear you are both not connected with Allaha and not thinking rationally. I've been trying to prepare and my mom shows her fear, but also her conditioning when she brings up that the rapture will save us.

We're a week or so away from the end. Let it happen. I've got myself a plan for it, otherwise let's just chill back.

What'd you think of the topic of finding out that the Boston Marathon shooter was just a scapegoat? Or Tor being fully compromised and it's not even brought up anymore. Windows 10 basically knowing everything I do, so now Microsoft and friends know? I'm fucked when laws change on BTC, I'll be real. They popped me from a snitch in the group and now I'm doing some probation. My dream as a child had me in a Prison. I wonder if that's what's going to happen.