post the round that you have made it to and your strategy if you think its decent

ive made it to round 23 and here is my strategy

if the map gets dark at any time look to the 2nd paragraph/blob

In the top floor do not buy any guns. get a window or 2 depending on how many people your playing with and shoot zombies 6 times then knife(no headshots) on the first round to maximize your money. on the second round shoot 8 times then knife(no headshots) to maximize your money. after that just shoot and knife doesnt matter about maximum because its way to many bullets. basiclly stay there until your out of ammo and it becomes unreasonable to knife the zombies to death (4/5). have the richest person open up the door(always have the richest person do everything). then do the same for the elevator go down right away. the first thing you want to do on the 2nd floor is to buy the mp5k. you will be staying here for a while and its convenient to grab ammo thats why i said not to buy guns in the first room. depending on the ammount of people you have stratagies change on this floor. i have not played with less then 3 so i will say how i play with 3 and 4. if you have 3 people have 1 person guard the window closest to the mp5k 1 person on one side of the window guy and 1 person on the other side. face away from the window and stay pretty close to the mp5k window. if you move to far up you might get distracted by the other window and not notice people coming from your back. you do NOT want to guard a window when using the 3 person method unless you are on the mp5k window. if you have 4 people this floor is extremely easy and all you have to do is have 1 person at each window. at about round 8/9 keep a crawler and head down to the bottom floor. turn on the power and get to the mystery box. if you get the ice gun TAKE IT! it is by far the best gun to have for later on so make sure not to use it at all right now. once your out of money, got a teddy bear, or every1 has rayguns and some1 has the ice gun(def not happening but if it does great) go back up the 2nd floor. you can use teleporters for this if your a jew like me. up at the 2nd floor activate 4/5 defcons, grab juggernaut(and quick revive is nice but you probably wont need it now but i would buy it anyway),and kill the crawler. activate the 5th defcon and run into the teleporter in the middle of the room. you can pack-a-punch a weapon here if you got 5000 dollers and a good weapon. otherwise have a person at each of the windows (theres 2) and a person or 2 at the front if some1 has the icegun give them this job. the door will eventually open up and zombies will come pouring in. one of the window people should keep a zombie at the window to make a crawler at the end of the round. basiclly your going to make this your camping spot for the rest of the game. only leave when you have a crawler an if you have to leave breifly at some time keep 1 person inside so the doors dont close. its not a big deal if they do you can just reactivate defcon but if your are mid round your ****ed.

this is not a dog round it is this crazy scientest guy that will steal the gun that you have out. there is an acheviment for killing him before he takes any1s gun but it is extremely hard. get to the 2nd floor as quick as possible and go up the top of it where the 4 windows and the mp5k are. run around like a retard and pull out your worse gun if you can see him. if your going for the acheviment i think the first person who sees him has to kill him solo. only people who he is chasing/has already stolen there gun can see him. the first person(unless you really want the acheviment) does not have to worry too much about killing him since he is very fast and will take your gun almost instanly after you stop running. if he takes your gun(you will get it back) he will teleport you downstairs start shooting him in the back and then he will go back upstairs now hopefully you can kill him here. he will be chasing after another person and you can shoot him without worry. make sure the other person does not stop to shoot him or look back he is about the same speed as you and he wont catch you if you keep running. once he is dead every1 will get there guns back there will be a sale and a max ammo. good job you killed him. if you are not so fortunate and he took one of every1s guns then he will disappear soon and you will get a max ammo i think but no sale. i think you do get your gun back but im not sure.
if you have an ice gun and your the first 1 to get chased it is pretty easy just shoot the **** out of him and he dies pretty quick he wont freeze though.

NOTES: try to keep 4 deathcons active at all times in case of emergency so you can activate 1 and go(preferably the 1 right next to the door into the pack-a-punch room)

sale is the big price tag thing and will make the mystery box spawn everywhere and only be 10 dollers so use if your near by.

the 3 bullet thing zombies drop is the death machine and it is ****ing amazing so grab that if you see it.