Furry boots have incredible success with women, including celebrities like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker, who have carried with pride. But increasingly, men as well as Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and the Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood was discovered on them. Although they are associated with women in relation Ugg boots were originally worn by men – Australian sheep-shearers airmen first surfers who led their feet warm and Australia in the 1970s.Connie Rishwain, president of the American company located Ugg Australia, said: “It feels good brand. We are all in the comfort and luxury. And at a time when people would not be able to renew your home or buying a new car, can buy a pair of boots. “He added that the introduction of UGG Classic Cardy Boots at Covent Garden in some of the Chelsea soccer players would be accompanied they said it would help open the trunk of a whole new market. “I pinch every time I have a couple of someone famous,” she added, “It helps to have a position to recognize: It is so obviously an Ugg boots in these photos.”An editor of the magazine and for men who are rejected identified, told The Independent: “Uggs are a nonentity. They are like glorified slippers. You can mix so well on the street in pajamas and a pair of incontinence.”