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Thread: Post Pictures of Your Setup :D

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    Default Re: Post Pictures of Your Setup :D

    Nobody posted here in months.... BUMPPPPP

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    Default Re: Post Pictures of Your Setup :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Persian_McLovin View Post
    lol it's a great piece of hardware but games? Eh...

    Put it like this, if I hadn't of put eCFW on it then I would pretty much NEVER play it.
    I get the sentiment but that's down to ones taste in games. I've filled a 64Gb card and only 6 of my 12 retail games are installed as a result. Only recently had to replace the Vita's battery as it stopped holding it's charge. Sony wanted crazy money to replace it so I bought a replacement off ebay, 15 quid.

    My one neg with $ony in regards to the vita are the ripoff prices for the proprietary memory cards.

    AnyHoo here's my setup. Nothing amazing but it's functional, moving abroad soon so change would be a moot excercise.
    Dual screen PC on a 32" Sammy LED and a 19" Acer PC Monitor, 360 W/Xkey, books for actual studying, PS2 w/Freemcboot Network Adapter and 160Gb HDD, Monster GoDJ, Vita (Behind GoDJ) and Vita games.

    ( Click to show/hide )

    The PC. I5 4670 @ 3.4Ghz + Corsair H100i, ASUS Geforce GTX 660 TI Direct CU II 2GB, 8Gb 1600Mhz Corsair Ram, Asus Bluray drive, 250Gb Samsung SSD 850Evo, WD 2TB HDD, 3TB WD HDD and a 2.5" WD 750Gb Drive.

    ( Click to show/hide )

    Sound system is a 2.1 Altec Lancing I've had for 5 years now. If I want more immersion I use my Sony Pulse Headset.. Which as I type, am wondering where they've gone..
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    1x360 Flashed LT+ & ~100 Games
    1xPSVita W/ 64Gb Memcard & 52 Games

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    Default Re: Post Pictures of Your Setup :D

    Haven't posted here in quite some time. Life has got in the way I suppose. However I figured this would be a good first in a while post.

    My girlfriend and I bought a house back in April. It was a foreclosure and we got a pretty good deal on it. These are before and after of the basement which is my setup.

    This photo was taken the day we closed on it and before we started the remodel.

    Another photo of the opposite wall before remodel.

    This is me starting demo. Previous owner had a wood stove that they took and I had no plans of putting another one in its place.

    This one is right after I got all the carpet, padding and brick taken out.

    Now for the good stuff.

    This is my tv/console setup. 55in Samsung 4k with new gen systems and surround sound. The brick used to be right where the Star Trek poster is.

    This is the opposite wall again.

    This is my Star Wars wall. Got the R2 cooler that I just keep Wii remotes and batteries in. Some blu-rays and games on the shelves in the corner.

    This is my temporary PC setup. Planning on getting a corner desk to make it flow with the room better.

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    Default Re: Post Pictures of Your Setup :D

    nice @ striker

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    Default Re: Post Pictures of Your Setup :D

    Man, I have not been here in a while

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    Default Re: Post Pictures of Your Setup :D

    New triple monitor set up feels like an arcade

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