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All you need to know about ranks!

---------------Post Count Based Levels--------------

First off let us start out with the post count orientated ranks. Otherwise known as the normal user ranks. These ranks are just regular members on the forum that have made posts that got them their user level. There is nothing special about any of these ranks and they have no more power than any other user on the forum.

1.) Newbie - 1 to 4 posts.
2.) Starting to Post - 5 to 39 posts
3.) XBOX360ISO Member - 40 to 79 posts
4.) XBOX360ISO Supporter - 80 to 149 posts
5.) XBOX360ISO Enthusiast - 150 to 399
6.) XBOX360ISO Hero - 400 to 599 posts
7.) XBOX360ISO All Star - 600 to 999 posts
8.) XBOX360ISO Legend - 1000 to 4999 posts
9.) XBOX360ISO Immortal - 5000 to 9999 posts
10.) XBOX360ISO God - 10000 and up posts

That is currently all of the post oriented ranks that exist. There are no plans to make more at this time because of issues with spam. However if later it may be deemed proper or useful to have more post count based levels I'm sure they will be made.

--------------------Uploading Based Levels-----------------

Now, this is for our hard working uploaders. Uploaders are people that have donated their time and bandwidth to upload stuff to this website for other people to use. This could include games, movies, applications, and music. PSP or PC it doesn't matter, becoming a uploader is a honor in itself and will be looked better on that you have contributed to the site with uploads and other useful things that we couldn't survive as a website without. Uploader ranks are not effected by post count or anything of that sort. You can also ask an administrator for a request to become an uploader, they will review what you have done and if you have done enough you will most likely be made in to one. These positions are not staff members, but they do get their own private board to communicate with the staff in.

1.)Uploader Level 1 - Base level Uploader.
2.)Uploader Level 2 - Middle Level Uploader
3.)Uploader Level 3 - High Level Uploader

---------------------Moderation Positions------------------

Now, moderators are people that go around the site and keep it clean. They are able to delete posts, sticky threads, move threads, merge threads, and many other nifty little things that allow the site to run more smoothly. Moderators have no administrator access on the website and can't do much outside of the base-line forum. Elite Moderators have small amounts of Administrator access and are able to do things that the other moderation ranks can not. Moderators can't promote you, change your account type, fix your account name, alter your rep, or anything that actually has an effect on your account itself.

1.)Kinect Moderator - Entry level moderator
2.)Arcade Moderator - Base level moderator
3.)Pro Moderator - Middle level moderator
4.)Elite Moderator - Highest moderator.


This group is the primary power of the website. They can alter anything they want and have complete power over user accounts and over your overall placement on the website. They can do everything a mod can do and everything I listed that a mod can't do. They have the ultimate decision on everything that happens on the website and have the power to make it happen. This is the hardest group to become part of because of the extreme amounts of responsibility and power. You can't apply for this group, you have to get promoted in to it.

1.) Admin - This is the lower level forum based admin.
2.) Administrator - This is the upper level website based power admin.

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I hope this has helped you learn more about the ranks that are here at XBOX360ISO and better will help you in your adventures here .

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