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  1. Post count disappearing?
  2. Panamanian Hotel Worker Survives 26 Days Adrift
  3. Miracle on MoPac
  4. Round Rock woman sentenced to 30 years for giving drugs to teens
  5. Giant, nine-pound Gambian rats invading Florida Keys
  6. Blind dog rescued from trash pile gets its eyesight back and a new home
  7. Shampoo ad using Hitler’s image sparks outrage, calls for removal
  8. Strange sea creature on South Carolina coast ID’d as Atlantic sturgeon
  9. Mysterious Geologic Structure Seen from Space
  10. How to post news...Seriously
  11. Carpathia seeks help with Megaupload data
  12. O2 forced to expose 'porn downloaders'
  13. Read Here Before Posting! New Section
  14. You Can Now Rent Your Own Battlefield 3 Server On PS3
  15. Warner Bros. to distribute Codemasters games in 2012
  16. Beyonce: World's Tiniest Dog?
  17. NASA Measures Impact of Huge Solar Flare on Earth's Atmosphere
  18. Girl, 5, was shot 'while playing in shop'
  19. NightSky Dev: Kojima is Terrible At Making Games
  20. Hero Passenger Put Unruly Pilot in Chokehold
  21. Houston Woman's Double Life As Stripper and Journalist Revealed
  22. Minecraft studio made $80M since launch
  23. Stamp prices: First-class stamps to cost 60p
  24. Doctors Perform Most Extensive Face Transplant
  25. Calif. Woman Hits Lottery Twice, Claims Ticket Stolen
  26. Schools ban having best friends, another bans hugging
  27. Sleeping man rapes sleeping woman
  28. 'King of Wasps' found in Indonesia
  29. WTF? High school senior expelled for swearing on Twitter
  30. Microchipped school uniforms notify parents when kids skip school
  31. Taiwanese woman killed herself while chatting with Facebook friends, none helped
  32. ACTA Battle Nears Climax in Europe
  33. ‘Heads-Up’ Playstation Game Store Update 28th March 2012
  34. Unreal games engine licensed to FBI and other US agencies
  35. Sony has Confirmed Hackers Use PSN Titles For Vita Homebrew
  36. have u heard?
  37. 'Dudley Dorito' UFO Spotted Again Over York, England (Video)
  38. New species of human discovered in China?
  39. Tiger Woods Porn Film
  40. Actress Alicia Silverstone feeds her baby like a bird
  41. Pic de Bugarach: French commune home to 20,000 ‘doomsday cultists’ awaiting alien....
  42. The Nasty Twitter Hate Sent To the Former Face of Call of Duty
  43. Gearbox “No Other Platform Can Do What The Wii U Can Do”
  44. Spike Lee Tweets Wrong Zimmerman address
  45. Microsoft's transparent 3D desktop
  46. Hotfile Researcher Discredits MPAA-Funded Piracy Study
  47. New SimCity to require constant Internet connection
  48. WTF? Man saws off own foot to continue receiving unemployment benefits.
  49. Cancer Death Rates Drop Again; Doctors Hopeful
  50. Sonisphere Knebworth is cancelled
  51. Lunatic Builds Transformers "Theme Park"
  52. EA nominated for Golden Poo award
  53. Father Beat Son, Chained Him to a Tree Over Video Games
  54. Australian couple has $1 million hospital bill after baby born in B.C.
  55. This floating movie theater might just be the coolest place on Earth
  56. New Phones Headed to AT&T!
  57. Pirate Bay Damages Rise 60%, Police Ready Hunt For Missing Founder
  58. Anchorman II Announced
  59. GAME/Gamestation shoppers worrying for the worst.
  60. Man Attacked by Mountain Lion, Saved by Bear
  61. Man sings ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ after being arrested for intoxication (VIDEO)
  62. An eagle, fox and two cats hang out peacefully on Alaska woman’s porch (VIDEO)
  63. Supermassive swirling solar tornado 5 times the size of Earth
  64. Choking Dog 'Dials' Police, Saved From Strangulation
  65. Original Prince of Persia Source Code Found
  66. SEGA Announces Loss of 7.1 Billion Yen, Company set to Restructure
  67. VISA, MasterCard Warn of Massive Security Breach
  68. News Anchor Returning After Televised Dog Bite(VIDEO)
  69. Lucius Release-Date + New Screenshots
  70. Worst Company of America 2012 Semi-Finals: EA vs AT&T
  71. Worms Revolution announced - first trailer
  72. Mega Millions hits record $640 million jackpot
  73. Sony Closes Zipper Interactive
  74. Activision Refuses to Honor MW3 Elite Contest Prize to a Gamer
  75. Online photo gets student banned from graduation
  76. French ‘Three Strikes’ Law Slashes Piracy, But Fails to Boost Sales
  77. Somebody won mega millions jackpot
  78. The Terribly Sad True Stories of Lotto Winners
  79. $25,000 donated to child in wheelchair who was robbed of fundraising cash
  80. Texas jury slaps $195 million penalty on TaxMasters, CEO Cox
  81. Doctor saves babies caught in Romania corruption
  82. Zipper Interactive Bids Fans Farewell
  83. Google Maps 8-bit for NES (for sale soon)
  84. Man gets an Itch
  85. Three winners of record $656 million U.S. lottery jackpot
  86. Man accused of stealing thousands of movie posters
  87. Justin Bieber Tweets Random Phone Number: Woman Wants Apology For Prank Calls
  88. YouTube Earth Hour Campaigns Dare You to Take Action for the Planet
  89. Comet owner OpCapita buys GAME
  90. MPAA Targets Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles
  91. Peter Cruddas secretly taped making Tory Union claims
  92. "Octomom" Nadya Suleman Poses Nude For $10K
  93. Kansas man struck by lightning hours after buying lottery tickets
  94. FBI has just seized 360haven
  95. Menu from Titanic's last lunch sells at UK auction
  96. 13-Year-Old Boy Kills Mother After Trying To Rape Her
  97. Diablo 3 Heading to Wii
  98. 'UNSURVIVABLE!' New tornado warnings aim to scare
  99. Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new UK laws *UPDATED*
  100. Deadly drugs for sale in online universe called Dark Web
  101. Did You try Google Chrome's Multitasking?
  102. Borderlands 2 - NVIDIA GTX 680 Tech Demo (Cam)
  103. Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs in Indie Film
  104. AdBlock showing cats for April Fools
  105. STALKER comes to CryEngine 2 with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Dead Zone Mod for Crysis
  106. Truckers Vow To Halt Britains Traffic
  107. Super Meat Boy: Announced for iOS
  108. EA In Finals Of Worst Company of America 2012 Election!
  109. 5 dead in Oakland religious school shooting *updated*
  110. Wupload disables File Sharing
  111. Arizona Legislature Passes Internet Censorship Bill
  112. Porn company Brazzers to support the Fighting Game Community[UPDATE]
  113. Flying car set to land at New York Auto Show, complete with hefty price tag
  114. [VIDEO] Truck Plunges Off Snowy Cliff
  115. 93-year-old Florida woman retires her ’64 Mercury after 576,000 miles on the road
  116. We’re No Rogue Site: PutLocker Responds To Hollywood
  117. Passenger lands plane with Wis. pilot unconscious
  118. Trolling Will Soon Be Illegal in Arizona
  119. 6 'ODD' News
  120. Avalanche: Just Cause "perfect" for next Xbox, PS4
  121. Agent was still in Development in 2010
  122. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Dated for PC[UPDATE:1st PC Screenshot Released]
  123. Microsoft Cracks List of Top Linux Contributors
  124. Internet Explorer market share surges, as IE 9 wins hearts and minds
  125. Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA
  126. Powerful tornadoes strike Texas
  127. Pirate Party Refuses to Shutdown Pirate Bay Proxy, Faces Lawsuit
  128. Minecraft Creator Reveals His Next Game, A Hardcore Space Sim with Duct Tape Named 0×
  129. RetroShare Brings Anonymous File-Sharing To the Masses
  130. Firefighters donate Mega Millions winnings to ailing fellow fireman
  131. Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Smokeless Tobacco
  132. ‘Scary Guy’ with facial tattoos paid $6,500 a day to teach kids to stop bullying
  133. total recall - remake
  134. 'Project RPG' revealed by City Interactive, former 'Witcher' developer
  135. Spanish ‘SOPA’:79 Site Takedown Requests in First Month
  136. Google Introduces Augmented Reality Glasses
  137. EA Wins "Worst Company Of America 2012" Award
  138. Chaos for UK Airports this Easter!
  139. Assange wins settlement vs. Daily Mail in 5 cases of libel / inaccuracy
  140. Evolution to be banned in Tenn. schools again
  141. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ultimate Edition to be released for Mac
  142. EA responds to "worst company" label from Consumerist
  143. Man who called fellow student a terrorist appeals conviction
  144. MediaFire Shocked By Hollywood Smear Campaign
  145. FileFactory Special
  146. CIA Committed ‘War Crimes,’ Bush Official Says
  147. Washington Boy, 9, Writes Apology to Girl He Shot
  148. Electric car prototype increases range to 218 miles
  149. Puberty... at 6 years old?
  150. A new Trojan horse for Mac can now install without password!
  151. Anonymous: We created a uber super dupervirus!
  152. Kinect is watching you!
  153. 5000+ Artists Line Up For a Pirate Bay Promotion
  154. 3 SNL Cast members leaving?
  155. Get Your Free Copy Of Fallout At GoG Now!
  156. Garage sale find: $130 million in Coca-Cola stock?
  157. Bat Urinates in Eye of Florida Rocker
  158. Court Orders “Copyright Lobby-Linked” Group To Stop Pirating The Pirate Party
  159. Recycled Is The New Used
  160. 'THQ won't be around in six months,' says Take-Two CEO Zelnick
  161. Largest-ever feathered dinosaur found in China
  162. Rare Chinese porcelain bowl sells for nearly $27 million
  163. Woolly Mammoth Discovered in Siberia
  164. Minnesota Waitress Sues After Police Seize $12,000 'Tip'
  165. EA In Full Damage Control Mode, Points To Anti-Gay Hate-Mail
  166. Court Kicks Out Copyright Troll Who Has “No Desire To Litigate”
  167. Joe Danger heading to iOS, Android
  168. and now what th f*** is CISPA?
  169. US F-18 fighter jet crashes into homes in America
  170. MPAA Filter Censors Legit Torrent Files on isoHunt
  171. NJ man shoots himself in heart with nail, survives
  172. Woman Arrested for Calling 9-1-1 to Complain About Hardee's Burger
  173. UK’s first helpline for ALIEN encounters is now open
  174. AT&T Will Unlock iPhone 4 Off Contract!!!
  175. Pedophile Teacher Gets 4613 Year Sentence
  176. MPAA chief: SOPA and Protect IP back from the grave?
  177. Superman: Man of Steel (2013)
  178. Max Payne comes to iOS April 12, Android two weeks later
  179. Photo of Skateboarding Nebraska College Professor Goes Viral
  180. Rick Scott!!!! You Suck!! floridians should be pissed!!
  181. Dark Souls PC confirmed in German magazine
  182. ODDNS: Decentralized and Open DNS To Defeat Censorship
  183. For your eyes only: Priv (DOT) ly acts like invisible ink for the Web
  184. A producer for NBC News has been fired....
  185. Megaupload: Erasing our servers as the US wants would deny us a fair trial
  186. Chinese teen sells kidney to buy iPhone, iPad
  187. Drunken Wedding Guest Arrested - Slow Dances With Groom, Brawls With Bride
  188. Angry ex-girlfriend goes ballistic, rips off man’s scrotum
  189. Class photo called ‘offensive’ and ‘degrading’
  190. 10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth to Daughter---DAFUQ??????
  191. White kid gets beaten up by a bunch of black people
  192. MPAA / RIAA To Boost Cyberlocker and VPN Revenues
  193. The man of "60 Minutes" Mike Wallace dead
  194. Scarlet Red PlayStation 3 Gets UK Release
  195. Epic Games is developing a PC-exclusive shooter
  196. PM Calls for sexy music vids to be slapped with 18 certificate
  197. Video shows white teens driving over, killing black man
  198. Proxy War Against The Pirate Bay Heats Up
  199. Street Fighter X Tekken PC version has no on disc DLC
  200. Police with 140 counts of rape, sodomy gets 3 years sentence
  201. Doomsday shelters line Kansas missile silo
  202. Woman accused of injecting women's buttocks with tire sealant, glue - not guilty
  203. Titanic: A Century Later, MS Balmoral Traces Infamous Cruise Ship’s Journey
  204. Two fun people were asked to leave PAX East
  205. Megaupload.net Domain Name Sold for $11,099
  206. British Boy Finds Live Hand Grenade on Easter Egg Hunt
  207. Samsung's Flexible and Unbreakable Display Gets Named
  208. Alleged NVIDIA Tegra 4 Specs Leaked
  209. Sony to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide! [update in post two]
  210. Baby flushed down loo after being born on toilet
  211. CISPA Bill Lets ISPs Spy On and Report Pirating Subscribers
  212. Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion
  213. South Korea says North preparing for nuclear test
  214. Researchers: Apple's Mac Susceptible To Flashback Trojan Virus
  215. Netflix Forms PAC to Lobby for SOPA-Like Bills
  216. The U.S. Navy is looking for a few good video game hackers
  217. Anonymous Launches ‘Operation Boycott Netflix’ Over PAC
  218. Jack Tramiel, father of the Commodore 64, passes away at age 83
  219. Ted Movie Trailer
  220. Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies aged 83
  221. Jeremy Wuitschick, 13, Drives School Bus To Safety.
  222. Abu Hamza US extradition backed by European Court
  223. UFO or hoax? Aerial video over South Korea stirs speculation
  224. New Tiny 'Factories' Aim to Make Cancer-Killing Drugs
  225. iBrain can ‘read your mind’; enlists Stephen Hawking
  226. EA Caught Using Bots To Reach 75.000 Signatures
  227. Megaupload Host Refuses to Delete User Data and Evidence, For Now
  228. Washington Man on the Run From Cops Posts Facebook Updates
  229. Beavis and Butt-Head return to British TV
  230. Dad killed baby for disturbing his Xbox 360 gaming
  231. Pirate Parties On Course for Historic Election Wins
  232. Netflix Isn't Pro-CISPA, Facebook Is
  233. Coroner: Guitarist Montrose committed suicide
  234. British man allegedly fathered up to 600 children through sperm bank donations
  235. Man allegedly commits 10 felonies in 9 hours
  236. Boy, 5, brings 50 packets of heroin to school for show and tell
  237. Jeffrey Bourgeois, 6, Killed Helping Dad With Wood Chipper
  238. Large quake triggers tsunami warning
  239. Eric Justin Toth, Alleged Child Pornographer, Added To FBI's Most Wanted List
  240. Banned By EA For Posting A Video With Cursing On Youtube
  241. Max Payne 3 + Max Payne 1 + 2 + DLC - £29.99 @ STEAM
  242. CISPA and SOPA like ‘apples and oranges,’ say chief co-sponsors
  243. ‘Heads-Up’ Playstation Game Store Update 11th April 2012
  244. 'Stillborn' found alive in her morgue coffin by mum 12hrs later
  245. BT Free Speed Doubling Upgrade!
  246. Dark Souls ‘Prepare To Die’ Edition Coming to PC On August 24
  247. Mystery Fireball in Texas Actually a Jet Contrail, NASA Scientist Says
  248. Police keeping tabs on entrepreneur's nude maid service
  249. Ubisoft and Uplay sending a fan to E3 2012
  250. "Battleship" The Movie